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Breaststroke timing

Correct breaststroke timing is critical for an effective stroke.

Start in a long stretched position, then pull the arms in a small circular motion aiming to pull the water under the armpits.

Whilst in the pull phase, lift the head out of the water to take a breath, imagine trying to pull your head out of the water using the arms.

Once the hands meet together under the chest, start to bring the heels back towards the hips. As the arms extend forward, push the head down into the water between the arms looking mostly down towards the floor- make sure the head is completely submerged in the water. As the head goes down, kick out behind you.

Revert back to a long and stretched position keeping the arms out in front. This position should be help for 1-2 seconds with the body fully submerged in the water.

Picture provided by nataswim